Schooling in Ancient Athens

In Athens it’s very important to get schooling, it’s a huge part in their culture. Athens is a small city-state in ancient Greece, in which schooling was essential for their way of life. But who really got schooling, unlike in america in Athens you had to pay for schooling so lots of people had to opt out. Poor people where needed at home to help with the family’s business are to help run the household. Girls did not go to school they stayed at home and learned from their mothers how to become a mother and a wife. And if the mom could read or write she could teach her daughter. Slaves, there where a lot of slaves in ancient Athens they could not go to school. But people who could go to school did they were taught at home till the age of 7 then sent to school where they learned music, art, literature, science, math, and politics. After high school they went to military school to be able to fight there must be there till 20. What did the schools look like? They where small, one teacher, around 10-20 kids, outside under a tree or a small rented place. How where test taken? A student would come up and  re sight whatever they where learning and if correct they would receive praise and more lines to re sighters if incorrect they would be beat. Most children where to frighten to go school because the teachers hit hard and very often. Unluckily the children did not get summer vacation or weekends, but they got tons of days off for holidays. Athens main goal was to produce a good citizens, and have a smart, strong, thriving community.    


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