Woman and Slaves in Ancient Athens And Sparta

Sparta and Athens are famous for there military and culture. They are small city-states in ancient Greece. They are very different even though there nearby. Today I am comparing and contrasting the rights of woman and slaves in Sparta and Athens. In Athens slaves could not own land, but women could own very small amounts of property. Both slaves and woman in ancient Greece could not vote or choose who they marry. “ Athenian women could not inherit or own much property. They could not vote or attend the assembly, and could not even choose their own husbands.”(from lesson 27 section “Women and Slaves in Athens”) “Only men were considered citizens in Athens. Citizenship was not possible for women and slaves, so they had far fewer rights than free men did.” As you read woman and slaves both were not considered citizens. Slaves and woman had around the same rights so they view women as slaves and  like property. That was how women and slaves were viewed in ancient Athens. Was Ancient Sparta different than Athens in the ways of rights for slaves and woman?Yes, women had so many more rights in Sparta such as they were free to speak and have friends, they can get a new husband, and own their own property. “Spartan woman had many rights other Greek woman did not have. For example, they were free to speak with their husbands friends. Woman could also own and control their own property. Woman could even marry again.”(From lesson 27 “Woman and slaves in Sparta”) The slaves had more rights as well such as they can sell some of the leftover crops, get married, buy freedom. “Helots (slaves) did retain some rights. They should marry whoever and whenever they wanted…. They could sell any leftover crops after giving their owner his share. Helots could even purchase their freedom.” As you now know Sparta is very open to woman and slave rights. Now time to compare in Athens and Sparta men had more rights. Woman in both city-states mostly stayed at home. Slaves in both city states were treated badly. Lets contrast in Athens women and slaves had far fewer rights than the woman and slaves in Sparta. Unlike Athens Sparta let there slaves buy freedom. As you can see Athens and Sparta are different and alike in many ways. There are more to Athens and Sparta to military and culture. 

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