7 Shows you need to watch over the summer.

If you’re like me you need as many shows as you can get to binge over the summer. Here are just a few. And Go watch these shows for yourself. First, we have  Stranger Things I wrote about that so go see that. Next on the watch list is Gravity Falls. This show is amazing I have a connection with this show. I and my brother have a strong friendship just like in the show. I do not recommend for younger audiences. The first season is family fun but the second season is for ten-year-olds and up. But don’t let the Disney title fool you. Next on our list is Series of Unfortunate Events just to get this out of the way yes this is a book too. P.S the books are better but never mind that. I love the show I read the books and, I thought that the show would be awful but I was wrong. I recommend this to anyone in search of a good show.

The fourth show is Anne With an E it is way different from the books of Anne of Green Gables. Again this is for old viewers. Because of some referents. And it more on the first few focuses on bad things that happened to Anne. Next show to watch is Full House and Fuller House. Yep, we are doing both of them at the same time. Full House is a wonderful tv show for almost all ages there is some romance in this show so warning but overall this is a good family loving  TV show. Fuller House is meant for older viewers for inappropriate references. But I still love it so give it a try. Last but not least we have Lost in Space. And yes this is for older viewers. This show is very stressful sometimes but it shows how a good family sticks together in a hard situation. Well try some out and hope you like this well bye.



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